Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pillar People


In November of 2006, I sat down at my computer with an idea. “Wouldn’t it be great if I could put together a short, audio, Bible devotional that could somehow be emailed out each morning to people who signed up and wanted to listen.” My goal was to inspire others to open their own Bible and grow in their knowledge of the Truth of Jesus.

I share this story because: 1) This is our 200th devotion and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, and 2) Lifting up the Truth of God and putting it on display is exactly what we, the church, should be doing. So today, I would like to encourage you to do exactly that.

Here is the last phrase of 1 Tim 3:15b where Paul, speaking about God’s people says, “This is the church of the living God, which is the pillar and foundation of the truth.”

A pillar is tall and holds things up. A foundation is strong and enables structures to rise and stand. We, as a group of people, called together by God, are to hold up and put on display the Truth of Jesus for all the world to see.

So here is my encouragement:
Please, some way, some how, take part in putting the Truth of God on display. Share your faith with others, teach Sunday school classes, start or join a Christian club on campus, share a devotional in the break-room at lunch, write letters to those in prison – I don’t know exactly how God has called you to share the Truth of His Son but He has indeed called you to lift it up in a strong way. Ask the Lord for vision to see your mission and the courage to do it.

God’s mission for us is often unexpected and beyond our natural abilities. So be open. Back in November of ’06 I never would have thought I ‘d be sitting down at my computer for the 200th time. If God can lead me to do this strange little ministry, who knows what He’ll lead you to do if you are willing to ask Him.

Be “the pillar” people!!

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