Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Artist's Heart


By examining the artistic works of Pablo Picasso a person can come to a number of conclusions about Picasso himself: 1) Pablo was talented and 2) Pablo had some serious issues.

By watching the movies of Oliver Stone you will understand that Oliver is a person who enjoys controversy.

By listening to the lyrics of any KISS album and you will understand that those leather-boot-wearing boys really valued sex.

By looking at an artist’s creations, we can, often times, gain an understanding of what is in the artist’s heart and soul. By examining the works an artist has produced, we can often come to understand their values and passions.

Speaking of artists, consider what the Apostle John wrote about the Lord Jesus in John 1:3, “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

Since Jesus is the Master artist and creator of the Universe, by examining His works, what do we learn about our Lord’s heart and soul? What do we discover about the things He values and holds dear?

Here are some thoughts:
The butterfly and the sunset tell us that Jesus adores beauty.
The Dinosaur and the blue whale tell us that He appreciates strength, but the bunny and the sparrow reveal how much He values humility and gentleness.
The many-thousands of different plant and animal species convey his fondness for diversity and variety and the vastness of space tells us just how amazingly BIG Jesus is.

But here is perhaps the most important thing that is learned from viewing His creation: the wood that fashioned His cross loudly declares just how passionately He loves humanity and how very much He wants us to live.

We can learn much about an artist by the things He creates. Jesus created a way for us to be made new. Now that is my kind of artist.

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