Thursday, March 20, 2008



My youngest child is almost ten months old and, in many ways, he is a “daddy’s boy.” For whatever strange reason, he seems to like being with me and gets pretty excited whenever I come home. Of course, the feeling is mutual and I love him dearly.

But, if for some tragic reason, he and I were separated from one another, in no time at all, my own son would soon forget me. Because he is so young, in a matter of months probably, he could forget that I even exist, and years from now we could pass each other on the street and he wouldn’t even know who I was.

It is unbearably sad to think that a child could be separated from his or her parents and completely forget the very ones who loved him and gave him life. But it happens in everyday, all across the world, and it happened to Jesus when He came to rescue us.

John 1:10 says, “He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him.”

Sin and transgression has separated the world from the God who lovingly created it. So much so that, even when God Himself clothed Himself in flesh and bone and looked His children right in the eyes, they were sadly unable to recognize the One who loved them and gave them life. May that never be said of us.

Understand this: Your Father has come for you. He cannot tolerate being estranged from you. Will you recognize, in the face of Jesus, the very one who formed you and deeply loves you? Look at Him closely, and listen to Him intently, His words are the words of life and His way is the path to healing and peace. Will you see Him for who He is?

There is nothing more sad than a person failing to recognize their Creator and Redeemer. So today, ask God to open our eyes that you may know Him and distinguish His great love for you in every area of your life.

As I stated earlier, if my young son and I were separated, he could quickly and easily forget me. But with heaven as my witness, I tell you that I would never, ever forget my son. In the same way, you may have, at times, forgotten your Father in Heaven, but understand, He will never, ever forget you.

Recognize Him. Run to Him. He has come to be reunited with you.

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