Monday, April 14, 2008

Celebrating Need

Moths are attracted to flames.
Bulls are attracted to red.
And desperately needy people are attracted to Jesus.

Allow me to remind you:
The nobleman came to Jesus in desperation about his son.
The centurion came to Jesus in anguish about his servant.
Jarius, the Syro-Phonecian, the blind, the leaper, and the mute were all drawn and attracted to the presence of the Master.

What about you?
Are you spiritually needy?
Do you see yourself as lost without Him and desperate for him?

I believe with all my heart that great freedom, joy and clarity comes when a person recognizes him or herself as simply a blind beggar standing on the side of the road, anxiously awaiting the touch of the Master.

I share this today with this thought in mind…
It’s ok to be weak. It’s ok to not have all the answers. There is nothing wrong with being poor in spirit.

Bumblebees are attracted to flowers.
Ants are attracted to picnics.
And desperately needy people are attracted to Jesus.
Today, celebrate your need.

"Lost Without You" courtesy of Priscilla Miller (

Written and Produced by Jim Morgan

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Love the song!!!!