Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is Your Passion?

In John chapter 2, Jesus came to the Temple in Jerusalem and found that it was being corrupted by unscrupulous men who were turning the House of God into a place religious merchandise and financial extortion. It is in this famous and fascinating passage that the scriptures tell us that Christ fulfilled Psalm 69:9, which says, "Zeal for your house will consume me.”

What is your passion? Is there something that consumes you? What subject puts a little excitement on your voice and an extra spark in your eye? For some it might be movies, or sports, or fashion. For others it’s video games, or politics, or food. All of us have something for which we are particularly zealous.

So why not be zealous for the church of God? Why not invest your passion into caring for, and caring about, God’s people. All of us will eventually be consumed by something. Why not make the beautiful choice to be consumed by the desire to see God’s people walk in holiness and spiritual health. There are so many folks hurting. There are so many souls that are struggling and in need of attention. Doesn’t it make sense to allow passion for God’s House to consume us? We all care about something. Why not follow in the steps of your Master and be zealous for the people of God.

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